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yb买球:How to select water treatment equipment suppliers

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How to select water treatment equipment suppliers 

Currently on the market about the company hundreds of water treatment equipment, quite a mixed bag, how to choose the best treatment equipment suppliers? For food processing enterprises, good water treatment equipment is especially important. This reporter recently visited a large number of enterprises, and with many industry experts to exchange. Through in-depth investigation, summarized in the following areas, hoping to select water treatment equipment, food processing enterprises to help.

First, Safety First, access to qualified
For food enterprises, food safety is a priority. Food companies, therefore, when selecting suppliers, the primary consideration is safety. Safety inspection from the following aspects: First, the security processes and technologies, to ensure the required target. For example, the effective removal of heavy metals, microbiological control. Second, the component parts of the safety device may not have harmful dissolved materials. Because the water treatment equipment from water to water will flow through various pipes and filter materials, they must control the pipeline materials and materials to avoid additional water to the secondary pollutants harmful to human. Last is the alarm system, when the device fails, there must be warning system to avoid contaminated water into the food processing segment.
Then, as the treatment of outsiders to determine how the three points above it more professional? It seems so hard, in fact, nothing difficult. Of the first two, technology security and safety of pipeline materials, we can see whether the vendor's products issued by the Ministry of Health, "Health Permit Document Water Products" to verify. Ministry of Health in the verification of documents issued in Water Products, when health permits, there will be a perfect program, testing the security of all parts, and machine safety functions. As long as basic access to the relevant approval documents can be confirmed to be safe. Finally an alarm system, are also important. River people, and provide automatic alarm adaptive processing system, can well solve the problem.
Also need to add that the food industry is now increasingly stringent QS certification, if the equipment purchased does not have the Ministry of Health issued a "health permit approval document Water Products", in the future to do QS certified enterprise, it will face great trouble Even with a permit to re-purchase of equipment.

Second, configure the Competition, beware of traps
Allocation of water treatment equipment, as more professional, it is full of traps. Pump, because it is for food processing companies, so material must choose stainless steel pumps. For some low-power pumps, such as the following pump 10KW, experts believe that there is no need to choose to import water pumps, specialty pumps such as the South made such vendors can meet the requirements. Filter area, must not only higher than the price than the actual filter parameters. Such as activated carbon filter, iodine adsorption value of 750 and nearly 1 900 times the price difference. Controller, the small device can be used Fleck or Run this new controller, but slightly larger (2T / H) devices, as the aforementioned anti-wash flow controller shortage, experts recommend using automatic systems, is well to solve the problem of inadequate laundering. On the membrane of choice, many domestic and international film makers, such as the World Han, Hui Tong, Hydranautics, Dow, Anderson, etc., but expert advice is still alive Han, Dow, and Hyde can select the three brands quality is relatively stable. Qi Ye Zai providers in different providers when do Ping Jia Di, must not consider price, Yin Wei itself is a water treatment equipment assembly, they must be itemized Xiangxi than that of the Pei Zhi. Also depends on whether this configuration is based on the actual situation of your business design, is to meet the water quality and use of both requirements.
3, field trips, breaking Li Gui
Market, many water treatment companies, each saying how great their own business, how strong and so power. The actual situation? According to the survey, sales of water treatment products on the market despite the many, but a truly large-scale processing capacity only a little, mostly they do not produce, after receiving a single processing plant to find some small workshop, producing products such , hard to trust, quality is not guaranteed. In industry, there are many false foreign, domestic real phenomenon, we must guard against! Is a shell companies registered in foreign countries, the extent to trademarks, returned a package, it becomes a big international brand. In fact, these so-called imports are a small workshop in China factory produced.
Fourth, the company strength, reputation protection
Finally, and most important thing is to examine the strength of the company. From the following aspects to evaluate the strength of the company, then, should be more objective.
First, the registered capital, which is to show the strength of the fixed target of a company;
Second, the number of professional and technical personnel company, and the company has a number of patents;
What again is the company to customer service before, to our customers with the industry, which served;
Last is the company's after-sales service network.
Through the above four, it basically can confirm the true strength of a company.
Hope the above points for food processing companies purchase water treatment equipment for reference

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