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EDI with advanced equipment
EDI with advanced equipment
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Product Details

1, flow conditions shows
    Water: reverse osmosis water production generally
    Water conductivity: <40μS/cm
    Water pressure: <4.0bar
       pH: 6.0 ~ 8.2
    Temperature: 4 ~ 450C
    Hardness (CaCO3 dollars to): CaCO3 <1.0ppm
    Silica: <0.3ppm
       H2S: <0.01ppm
       TOC: <0.5 ppm
       TDS: <5.0ppm
    Total Chlorine: <0.05 ppm
    Oxidant: Cl2 <0.05ppm, O3 <0.02ppm
    Iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide: <0.01 ppm
    Oil / grease: not detected
    Turbidity: <1.0 NTU
    Color: <5 APHA
2, advanced device control instructions based EDI
       By PLC programmable controller and HMI control and display devices produce water flow, pressure, level, conductivity and resistivity data.

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